Elvira Sings About Her Giant Boobs in New Halloween Music Video

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Here on iHorror we’re BIG fans of Elvira, who has been the reigning Mistress of the Dark for the past few decades. That’s why we’re so excited for her return later this month on Hulu, where she’ll once again be playing host to a handful of horror flicks. Bout damn time!

Though we don’t see or hear much from Elvira most of the year, she always seems to come around when the leaves start to fall and Halloween inches closer, and this year is no exception. And oh boy does the Queen of Halloween have a treat for you this season, in the form of a music video that does for boobs what Nicki Minaj’s ‘Anaconda’ recently did for butts.

Defying all laws of nature, the 63-year-old Elvira is as sexy and vivacious as ever, and those two assets of hers continue to give gravity a big ole kick in the balls. It’s best not to question it and to simply enjoy the goods. After all, that’s what she wants us to do. And who are we to disobey the Mistress of the Dark?

Written by the B-52s’ Fred Schneider, Elvira’s brand new song is called ‘2 Big Pumpkins,’ and I don’t think you need me to explain to you that she’s not exactly talking about those orange things we carve every October. Check out the campy-as-can-be music video for the song below, which is indeed a delightful eyeful!

[youtube id=”vS7c41AbjQI&list=UUYjxhvKvhgs1FUeEz8rY27gW”]

Head over to Third Man Records to pick up ‘2 Big Pumpkins’ on 7″ vinyl, which also includes the song ’13 Nights of Halloween.’