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Elvira Offers Solid, Tipsy Quarantine Activities Advice

by Waylon Jordan

You know, I think Cassandra Peterson aka Elvira, Mistress of the Dark could get me through this self-isolation business all by herself.

Just last week, she posted her own parody of Carole Baskin from Netflix’s Tiger King trying to squash the rumors that she had anything at all to do with her husband Don’s disappearance, and this week, she’s back offering her own “tipsy” advice for activities to get through quarantine.

Advice includes changing from your daytime pajamas to your nighttime pajamas, watching podcasts (yes you read that right), and of course, drinking!

While across the country groups have taken to protesting quarantine and shelter in place orders that have been handed down in various states due to the outbreak of Covid-19, Elvira has the right idea. She even has suggestions for folks like Madonna and JLo in a totally reasonable, non-judgmental way!

I think I can speak for horror fans everywhere when I say, “Thank you, Elvira, and keep those videos coming! We need them!”

Take a look at the video below, and let us know how you’re handling quarantine in the comments. Oh, and don’t stop the video just when stands up. There are a few more seconds well-worth listening to!





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