Elvira Launches Signature New Clothing Line

Timothy RawlesNews1 Comment

Elvira Mistress of the Dark’s witty new sign-off should be “Unpleasant Seams,” but that might defeat the purpose of her very comfortable new clothing line which we discovered this week over at Pinup Girl Clothing.

The threads are anything but unpleasant as they capture Elvira’s, née Cassandra Peterson’s signature goth gowns and plunging necklines.

You will blend into the shades of midnight with these mostly undiluted frocks, unless you want to “pop out” in the moonbeams with the only purple number in the collection.

Each piece is described as “Elvira Black Ponte,” the dresses are made of a knit that has a subtle stretch. Which means every curve of your silhouette will be more pronounced and “enhanced by seaming that cinches your waist and the skirt hugs and enhances your curves perfectly.”

So far the “Elvira for Couture for Every Body,” has five offerings in the store, but more are “coming soon” including macabre accessories which will add to your “Mistress of the Dark” appeal.

If you’re, as Elvira says in her movie “flat busted,” you may want to start saving your pennies because these dresses don’t come cheap. Priced from $178 up to $248, it may cost you an arm and a leg, but I think many would figuratively sacrifice those to buy these original pieces.

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