Written by John Squires

Halloween and Elvira. They go hand-in-hand!

As we told you earlier this month, the iconic Mistress of the Dark is getting the vinyl treatment in Funko’s upcoming third wave of Mystery Minis horror toys, being released alongside fellow icons like Jack Torrance, Regan MacNeil, and even the menacing shark from Jaws. Those brand spankin’ new blind-box toys should be available very soon, and today we’re happy to report that Elvira will also be getting the POP! vinyl treatment this year.

Just put up for pre-order by Calendars.com, the official Elvira: Mistress of the Dark POP! vinyl toy is set to begin shipping out on October 14th, which means you should have her in your hands by Halloween. The toy is easily the bustiest ever released by Funko, and it depicts Elvira dressed to the nines in the flowing black outfit that she never seems to take off. It’s the 375th POP! released in Funko’s Television wave.

Check out the toy below, which celebrates Elvira’s 35th anniversary.

Also headed our way this Halloween? The official Elvira retrospective photo-book!

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