Elm Street 4’s Tuesday Knight Talks New Music & Elm Street With iHorror

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Image – New Line Cinema. (Robert Englund & Tuesday Knight).

Q & A With Tuesday Knight (Kristin Parker From A Nightmare On Elm Street 4: The Dream Master).

iHorror: In NOES4 how was it filming your death scene?
Tuesday Knight: Where do I begin? I feel like my death scene took a month to film. The beach scene was two weeks itself. On the beach, I had Renny [Director] trying to make my bathing suit smaller and smaller, and finally, I just said “NO!!” it’s not getting any smaller and then I had the piece added around my waist because he had already shortened it a few times.
The scene where we are in the boiler room was interesting. There wasn’t much room to run around in so that made it a bit difficult to hit the marks, but Robert [Englund] was a very seasoned actor, so we got through it. The scene where I was at the dinner table with my Mother (Brooke Bundy) is my favorite scene until I run up the stairs. I had been so sick the entire shoot, I was working on General Hospital full time, and I was promoting my first album too. So I had gotten sick, and I felt like I was going to pass out. So to do the scene where I have the cameras just going around me made me dizzy and I just felt like I was going to go down… but I guess that is what the scene called for right?
iH: How did you come to play Kristin Parker in NOES4?
TK: I was pretty much out promoting my album, and I was doing musical spots on shows (FAME, General Hospital and The Facts of Life) and my agent called and said you need to go on this audition for this film. I went in and auditioned for Renny [Harlin], Rachel [Talalay], and Annette [Benson], and I was offered the job on the spot. The rest is history.
iH: Was there ever any pressure or scrutiny that you were under from the crew, the fans, or from yourself – stepping into the role originated by Patricia Arquette? (You did a fantastic job)!
TK: Actually the production didn’t put any pressure on me. And honestly I didn’t experience the fan perspective until after we were done the filming, and it has been great. Fans are super supportive. I did feel a little pressure from Rodney [Eastman] and Kenny [Sagoes] because they had been working with Patricia and I always felt like they didn’t like me. I still feel that Rodney doesn’t like me from time to time. But I’m not too worried about it; I would say things turned out alright.
iH: What or who inspired your new album “Uncovered?”
TK: I write from the heart. Things that I see, movies and my own experiences. My father is my biggest musical inspiration. But it was just time that I put everything aside and recorded a new album.  
iH: How was your song “Nightmare” selected for 1988’s NOES4? And was it picked in the middle of production?
TK: it was picked in the middle of production. Renny knew that I was a singer and I heard they wanted music for the film. I told him that I could do something and he said bring me what you got. So my writing partner and I went back to the studio, and I wrote this song in a few hours.  We put it all together and brought it back to the New Line offices, and they took the tape from me right there.
iH: Is creating music easier or harder now versus the 1980s’?
TK: it’s always about the same process.  Music changes and we just change with it.  Music comes very naturally to me so I wouldn’t say it was hard.
iH: Do you stay in contact with any of your co-stars from NOES4?
TK: Oh yes. It’s more contact now that we do these conventions. But I have stayed in touch with Lisa [Wilcox] the longest. We have been friends for so many years.  But I still see everyone. It’s like a family, and we have reunions every year.
iH: If a new Elm Street film was made, who would you like to see take on the role of Freddy Krueger? Do you have interest in being a part of another film?
TK: There had already been talk. I was contacted by New Line for a “new” Elm street film. They wanted me to play a role that was similar to Brooke Bundy’s… but I think they changed their ideas on the direction they were going. As for someone playing Freddy, that is Robert’s role. I just don’t think anyone can do it; the bar was raised very high.
iH: What is next for you? Any upcoming appearances?
TK: I have three films I am doing next year. I am also making my way around the country. I’m in Lexington, KY right now. I’m them headed to the U.K. And Germany. Lots of fun and it’s always great meeting the fans.

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