Elm Street 4’s Tuesday Knight Talks New Music & Elm Street With iHorror

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When someone mentions A Nightmare On Elm Street 4 I cannot help but immediately think of Tuesday Knight and that iconic song [Nightmare] that we all hear when we see the New Line Cinema logo float across the screen. At the age of eight, I can remember holding a tape recorder up to the television and recording the song so I could listen to it over and over again through my walkman.

Tuesday has been doing some wonderful things with music, and she just released her new ten track album a few days ago, “UNCOVERED.”

Check out the press release below and witness her beautiful voice with a couple sample pieces, including “UNCOVERED.” On page two read our Q & A with Tuesday as she speaks about Elm Street 4 along with her passion for music. You can follow Tuesday on Twitter and view her website by clicking here.

From The Press Release

Tuesday Knight has released her 7th studio album. Knight has been on the music scene since 1985 with her debut album “Little Things”.  She later signed a recording deal with Vanity Records, which was one of the most sought-after labels at the time.  She released her album “Don’t Talk Back” in 1986 and was shortly bought out of her contract by CBS/PARC Records where she then recorded what would be a self-titled album. TuesdayKnight (Self Titled) went on to give Knight a Top 10 Billboard Dance single “Out of Control” which was remixed by Producing genius Justin Strauss.  

The album had a second single that made it into the Billboard Top 100 called “Celebrate Love” a dance duet with The Commodores own J.D. Nichols.  

That year Knight’s career changed before her eyes, as she was headlining at every club from Coast to coast she got a call from her then agent telling her that she needed to audition for this upcoming feature film.  She had already been doing musical spots on FAME, The Facts of Life and had a recurring role on the hit daytime drama General Hospital.  

This audition was for Director Renny Harlin and Producer Rachel Talalay for the new independent film A Nightmare On Elm St. 4: The Dream Master.

Replacing Nightmare veteran Patricia Arquette, Knight took on the role of the teenage insomniac Kristen Parker.  As she led this film as one of the leads, her character got an early send-off.  Director Renny Harlin wasn’t finished with her yet, he knew that she came from a background of music and asked her to do something for the film.  She then went back to her studio with writing partner and wrote the title track and theme song in a matter of hours, returned to New Line Cinema and handed what would become the iconic song that everyone hears when they see that Logo.  

Today following her rock roots, she has released a new album “Uncovered”, Of which she writes and produces each song.  She did collaborate with 80’s leading pop/rock songwriter and singer and friend Ellen Shipley (who wrote Belinda Carlisle’s biggest hits such as Heaven Is a Place on Earth, Circle In The Sand, Vision Of You and La Luna) Shipley provides backing vocals on the two songs she co-wrote with Knight “Tell Me (I Love You)” and “Don’t Go”.

Her earthy, sweet, raspy, rock n roll sound is sure to haunt you as much as the beautiful 1988 love song to Freddy Krueger “Nightmare”. A Must Have.

A Sample From Her New Album –  “UNCOVERED”

A Sample From  –  “NIGHTMARE”

Tuesday’s albums including “UNCOVERED” can be found on iTunes and other streaming platforms.


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