Elijah Wood Wants to Produce Next ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’

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In a recent interview with Comingsoon.net, SpectreVision co-founders Elijah Wood and Daniel Noah went through a wishlist of projects they would love to be part of. Through some cool titles like the the untitled Christopher Lee project and The Boy Trilogy, the one that obviously stood out was taking A Nightmare on Elm Street in a new direction.

SpectreVision has quite a number of great films under their belt with Mandy, Cooties and the upcoming Daniel Isn’t Real and The Color Out of Space. The dudes are of course deep fans of the genre and while they weren’t folks that I would have initially had on my A Nightmare On Elm Street involvement list, I think it would be exactly what we need. These dudes are able to hold reverence but also totally come at things with a fresh perspective, and I think that is what Nightmare would really need to make itself a real entertaining terror again.

The previous iteration of Nightmare on Elm Street bombed. Timing could have been part of that failure but the lack of Robert Englund in any capacity is something that really hurt the film before it was out of the gate.

When speaking to ComingSoon.net, Wood and Noah had this to say about their dream project.

“Noah: Okay, number three… We have long fantasized having a crack at “Nightmare on Elm Street.” So has Adam Egypt Mortimer, who we just made “Daniel Isn’t Real” with. That film and “Elm Street” have somewhat obscure but still tangible similarities of dream worlds. As people have been seeing “Daniel Isn’t Real,” interestingly, there’s been a little movement on Twitter for Adam Mortimer to take over “Nightmare on Elm Street.” We’ve made no secret. We’ve been in touch with the rights holders many times. It’s a real dream project for us to have a chance to make a film in that franchise. And like I said, we have a very specific take on it. I think it would be very surprising and exciting to remake the franchise.

Wood: Yeah, and it definitely has that aspect of pie in the sky, of getting to play in a certain sandbox, you know? It’s a universe and a character and an idea that would be a fun sandbox to play in. It’s trying to do something different. With a lot of these classic horror films that have seen so many sequels, eventually it sort of plays itself out a little bit. It’s also interesting to think about what could we do with a franchise like that which reinvents itself or creates something that is playing with the tone and key of the franchise, but is doing it differently or taking it in a slightly new direction. It’s a fun way to think about those things.

Noah: There’s also an understandable aversion to stirring the pot too much with a formula that’s been successful. John Carpenter’s original conception of the “Halloween” franchise was that every year, there would be a new “Halloween” story. He never intended for like a Myers return, and when the studio kind of forced that as a sequel, he was able to finally come back around with Part 3. He said, “No, I want to do my thing.” And he did “Season of the Witch”, which we think is an incredible “Halloween” film. Incredible. The fans were extremely confused and angry because they had established this expectation of “Halloween” is Michael Myers. I think it’s understandable. You don’t want to shake up a formula that’s working. But on the flipside, when you’re just repeating the same formula, it’s kind of diminishing returns. They already did that well, is our point of view. That’s been handled. What are other avenues, what are other neighborhoods in this world that can be used or investigated?”

So, it appears the guys have been working on this on the back burner in some form or another. The formula sounds exciting and one that I can get behind. I think that Englund’s involvement would be a necessity. Outside of that, I just want to see Freddy at the box office again.

What do you guys think? Think SpectreVision would make good on A Nightmare On Elm Street? Let us know in the comments section.

Source: (ComingSoon.net)

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