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Earlier this month, I wrote a long article looking at Eli Roth’s Thanksgiving. It was about not only the faux trailer that appeared as part of Grindhouse, but the actual film Roth has been saying for years that he would make.

The project always seems to get pushed to the side, and we hadn’t really heard anything about it in quite a while, but the conclusion was that it’s probably still happening based on the fact that every time it comes up, Roth remains consistent that he’s still making it. Also, it is clear the he is very passionate about it. Read the previous article for what I believe to be a more convincing case.

Either way, on Thanksgiving Day, Roth teased fans yet again, promising on Instagram that “all will be carved”. You can take this any way you choose, I suppose, because he didn’t elaborate. I’m going to choose to believe (unless I hear differently) that this was a further commitment to making the movie. To me, it sounds like Roth is promising that he’s still going to do it. This is what he posted:

All will be carved. I promise.

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The accompanying text was simply, “All will be carved. I promise.”

Roth’s next film The Green Inferno was pushed back, and is currently expected to be released in early 2015. His follow-up to that, Knock, Knock, is in post production.