Eli Roth Agrees With Tarantino About ‘It Follows’

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Last month, New York Magazine and Vulture published a lengthy interview with Quentin Tarantino in which the filmmaker spoke about a great many topics. Among them was this year’s indie horror hit It Follows.

The director noted that he really liked the film, adding, “It was the best premise I’ve seen in a horror film in a long, long, long time. It’s one of those movies that’s so good you get mad at it for not being great.”


Tarantino’s comments got a lot of attention, and Vulture later published more of what he said:

He [writer-director David Robert Mitchell] could have kept his mythology straight. He broke his mythology left, right, and center. We see how the bad guys are: They’re never casual. They’re never just hanging around. They’ve always got that one look, and they always just progressively move toward you. Yet in the movie theater, the guy thinks he sees the woman in the yellow dress, and the girl goes, “What woman?” Then he realizes that it’s the follower. So he doesn’t realize it’s the follower upon just looking at her? She’s just standing in the doorway of the theater, smiling at him, and he doesn’t immediately notice her? You would think that he, of anybody, would know how to spot those things as soon as possible. We spotted them among the extras.

The movie keeps on doing things like that, not holding on to the rules that it sets up. Like, okay, you can shoot the bad guys in the head, but that just works for ten seconds? Well, that doesn’t make any fucking sense. What’s up with that? And then, all of a sudden, the things are aggressive and they’re picking up appliances and throwing them at people? Now they’re strategizing? That’s never been part of it before. I don’t buy that the thing is getting clever when they lower him into the pool. They’re not clever.

Also, there’s the gorgeously handsome geeky boy — and everyone’s supposed to be ignoring that he’s gorgeous, because that’s what you do in movies — that kid obviously has no problem having sex with her and putting the thing on his trail. He’s completely down with that idea. So wouldn’t it have been a good idea for her to fuck that guy before she went into the pool, so then at least two people could see the thing? It’s not like she’d have been tricking him into it. It’s what I would’ve done.

Filmmaker and Tarantino collaborator Eli Roth, who’s The Green Inferno hits U.S. theaters this week, did a reddit AMA this afternoon.


Someone asked him what he thought about It Follows. He backed up Tarantino’s comments, responding:

Awesome but I agree with what Quentin said. I wished it followed its own logic. He should call it “It Follows (but not its own rules during the pool and movie theater scenes). Love the director though. I’m just nipicking (sic) it now in retrospect, I loved it.

While to fans of the movie it ultimately doesn’t really matter what either of these guys or anyone else thought of the movie, it is interesting that the movie has inspired so much discussion, including among notable filmmakers. Besides, they both say they liked the film, and praise from Tarantino and Roth has to feel pretty good if you’re director David Robert Mitchell.

Mitchell, by the way, did his own reddit AMA earlier this year, and offered up his own explanation (sort of) of the film.

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