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Eibon Press Announces ‘The Beyond!’ Release Date and Image Previews!

by Manic Exorcism

Eibon Press promises an epic four-part issue for Lucio Fulci’s exploitation classic, The Beyond! The dark masterminds behind today’s finest horror comics are putting all their demented talents together to bring us one hell of a great conclusion to their ongoing Saga of the Seven Gates!

 Saga of the Seven Gates is Eibon’s horror epic uniting three of Lucio Fulci’s most beloved splatter-pieces, The Gates of Hell (City of the Living Dead), House by the Cemetery, and, you guessed it, the highly anticipated Beyond! Already proven to be horror heavyweights in their field, Eibon Press claims the best has yet to be seen. 

image courtesy of Eibon Press

We are honored to have partnered with GRINDHOUSE RELEASING to bring this epic comic adaptation to you . . . but our comic series is more than just a straight adaptation. It’s also an expansion and a prequel to the film, which fills in many details and intriguing backstory elements only hinted at on celluloid.

The first issue depicts the character of Liza Merrill, in her first “incarnation” in 1927, as she battles evil and learns of the Seven Dreaded Gateways to Hell. You’ll discover how she met Emily and the painter Schwiek at the Seven Doors Hotel and you’ll experience the cataclysmic events that lead to Emily’s descent into hell. It’s 40 pages of insanity and gore, Lucio Fulci-style, as only Eibon Press could have brought it to you. 

That’s exactly what we like to hear around these parts of iHorror, my Nasties!

image courtesy of Eibon Press

Not content with just giving fans the best horror printed in comics today, Eibon Press, per their usual, promises to have gone the extra mile for the special features here included with The Beyond. 

THE BEYOND had two theatrical releases here in America. The second was, of course, in 1998, when Quentin Tarantino teamed up with Grindhouse Releasing to put out Fulci’s original vision . . . but WE first saw the film as kids in drive-in movie theaters and on VHS home video, way back in 1981, under the alternate title SEVEN DOORS OF DEATH! Even though the film had been re-edited and re-scored, we loved it anyway. So to commemorate that lost version of the film, we tracked down the original master tapes of the complete alternate film score and made a deal with the composers to present it as an all-new world premiere soundtrack album on Compact Disc, re-mastered and presented with composer’s bonus tracks! 

image courtesy of Eibon Press

That special album is available with EVERY EDITION of LUCIO FULCI’S THE BEYOND #1, complete with a dust-sleeve that features an all-new cover painting by BEYOND comic artist Pat Carbajal

Each issue of THE BEYOND comes packaged in special sturdy album jackets known as Eibon Sleeves. They are unlike anything else on the market today, and each sleeve is packed with special stuff like trading cards, making each issue an instant collector’s item. 

image courtesy of Eibon Press

And each issue comes in three editions, priced for every budget: You can get the standard sleeved edition, the signature edition (signed by me), or you can go all-in and order our special PSYCHO FAN PACKAGE, which is an embarrassment of riches this time. The Psycho edition for THE BEYOND #1 is limited to just 100 sets and comes with FOUR ALTERNATE COVERS. The Psycho Fan alternate covers are super limited, with just 100 units manufactured. The 7 DOORS OF DEATH alternate cover celebrates the 1981 version of the film. And only 100 of those covers have been created. Plus you also get a free hand-screened BEYOND T-shirt and a cool BEYOND enamel pin, limited also to just 100 units.

image courtesy of Eibon Press

We’ve also included the full CD cover for the 7 GATES album and a sample track of the re-mastered main titles theme. It’s vintage 1980s synth horror nirvana!

In short, this is the most ambitious horror comic to come out in a long time. Orders go on sale via their website on October 25th, 7pm Pacific. If you’ve been following me, my Nasties, you’ll know how much I love Eibon Press and all they’ve done for the horror community. This is an event you won’t want to miss out on. 

image courtesy of Eibon Press

Eibon is known for its stunning artwork, gripping narratives, and love for the genre. This is unequivocally a work made by fans and for fans. 

All of Eibon’s work can be found at their website and is the perfect Halloween gift for that demented darling in your life. So check ’em out and tell them Manic sent ya. So go over and check them out here.

I’d like to personally thank the maniacs at Eibon Press for sharing the exciting news with us. 

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