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Eibon Press offers a soundtrack sampler for upcoming The Beyond

by Manic Exorcism

News about Eibon’s most anticipated project, The Beyond, was just recently announced and fans are foaming at the mouth like a pack of zombies to get ahold of this horror spectacular! Whether you’re a fan of Lucio Fulci’s haunting The Beyond or a comic-book fan, this project promises something for all exploitation fans!

Eibon also has something in store for all of you music lovers out there! For all of us who love adding rare albums from horrors of yesteryear to our ever-growing music collection, we’re in for a real treat, so promises Eibon.

Eibon Press always manages to pack tons of extra goodies in every issue they release, thus offering fans not only the best kind of horror comic book going today, but Eibon also includes collector cards, exclusive art, posters, enamel pins, and sneak peeks. You know, the kind of awesome stuff we all collected back in the ‘80s – ‘90s. These bonus features come with each comic they release and are safely contained inside a dust jacket that’s a work of art in of itself.

image courtesy of Eibon Press

However, this time around Eibon has gone the extra mile with The Beyond. The publisher unveiled exciting news involving every copy sold.

THE BEYOND had two theatrical releases here in America. The second was, of course, in 1998, when Quentin Tarantino teamed up with Grindhouse Releasing to put out Fulci’s original vision . . . but WE first saw the film as kids in drive-in movie theaters and on VHS home video, way back in 1981, under the alternate title SEVEN DOORS OF DEATH!

Even though the film had been re-edited and re-scored, we loved it anyway. So to commemorate that lost version of the film, we tracked down the original master tapes of the complete alternate film score and made a deal with the composers to present it as an all-new world premiere soundtrack album on Compact Disc, re-mastered and presented with composer’s bonus tracks! That special album is available with EVERY EDITION of LUCIO FULCI’S THE BEYOND #1…

Eibon Press has gone out of their way to give their avid fans something insane this time around, but they always manage to give readers and collectors alike something to treasure. So whether you’re a Fulci fan, comic collector, or love adding rare horror OSTs to your music collection (or like me, are all three) you will want to get in on this amazing offer!

Eibon has kindly offered us a sample from their upcoming Beyond CD to give us an idea of what we can expect. So be sure to click on the video and have a listen. Horror fans, my Nasties, this is a real treat just in time for Halloween!

Orders for The Beyond go on sale this month, October 25th at 7 pm Pacific time. Orders can be made at Eibon’s dark headquarters so be sure to click here!

More samples of the highly-anticipated album can be heard TODAY via podcast, so be sure to click here for a listen.

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