Eibon Press Resurrects Lucio Fulci Through 'Gates of Hell' Trilogy!

Eibon Press Resurrects Lucio Fulci Through ‘Gates of Hell’ Trilogy!

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Eibon Press is inviting us to join them on a demonic venture through the murderous imagination of Lucio Fulci. As Dante of old, we will be sojourning Hell’s forbidden gates and all the ghastly horrors associated with each once. In true exploitation fashion, there will be a lot of guts spilled to bring this about, and plenty of Hell to pay before it’s through.

Fulci’s horror was unique as well as despairing. His visions managed to sweep away a portion of innocence only to expose us to the harsh realities of a separate world, a world not unlike our own, but far darker. A dimension only a single heartbeat away.

image via Bloody Disgusting, ‘The Beyond’

He revealed a dimly lit landscape caught between perpetual twilight, someplace just on the other side of the Beyond. Beyond sanity, beyond life, and beyond all hope. Fulci threw open the gates and welcomed the dark miracles of Hell. In his hellish trilogy of terror, the dead were always restless and no one was truly safe.


Eibon Press Resurrects Fulci

Proving their expertise in the soiled fields of the exploitation genre, Eibon Press has taken some of the most celebrated works of Lucio Fulci’s forboding legacy and woven together an epic horror odyssey – expertly employing the old motifs fans readily recognize with new refreshing perspectives – that is nothing short of a modern-day masterpiece of forbidden delights. I’m talking about The 7 Gates of Hell Saga, originally introduced with the cult classic, City of the Living Dead, aka  The Gates of Hell.

image courtesy of Eibon Press

The trilogy includes Lucio Fulci’s City of the Living Dead, House by the Cemetery, and The Beyond.

Eibon begins this insidious trilogy with The Gates of Hell, a three-part series that expands upon the popular cult film’s original narrative. They’ve expanded on the mystique of Dunwich and all the dark evils impregnating the sleepy little town. They’ve also elaborated on the venomous influence of the cruel Father Thomas, an apostate man of the cloth who hangs himself as self-sacrifice to the authorities of Hell.

image courtesy of Eibon Press

These comic adaptations also bring the clandestine Sisterhood into the forefront. In the films, there were always brave women willing to stand against the malevolent forces assailing our world of flesh and blood. Eibon takes this concept and embellishes upon it, giving the Sisterhood a rich history that spans centuries, filling the years with blood and pain. There has ever and always been an ongoing struggle against prevailing darkness once the Gates are reawakened, and there have also been those brave souls willing to face it for our salvation.

image courtesy of Eibon Press

Putting their twisted skills to the test, the madmen (artists) at Eibon splash every page wet with macabre sights and mutilated visions. Hell is the ultimate horror at the end of all things and Eiobon is damned determined to make sure we understand the immensity of that waking terror.

The Saga Continues

Their next project in the series is the highly anticipated House by the Cemetery. It will be a three issue piece with stunning art brought to us by the one and only Vince Locke. With colorist Bruna Costa, and both Kyle Hotz and Jason Moore behind the beautiful sleeve art we’ve come to love.

image courtesy of Eibon Press

Those familiar with the movie will be thrilled (or violently sickened) to know we’re about to get a whole lot more of Bob because let’s face it – we need more Bob in our lives. That’s all there is to it, folks.

I’ve also been told that we’re going to have some delightfully vicious insight into Dr. Freudstein, one of Fulci’s most violent creations – and that is saying a whole lot! Given Eibon’s past record for ghastly sights, I cannot wait to see what they have in store for us with this upcoming chapter.

image courtesy of Eibon Press

The 7 Gates of Hell will wrap up with The Beyond, the project most people consider Fulci’s all-time best cinematic achievement. What a title to end the trilogy on! Eibon is keeping pretty mum on any details with this project, but have told me that Pat Carbajal will be lending his extraordinary art skills to bringing this project to life.

This is something Fulci fans will not want to pass up. And they’re a great way to get yourself into the Halloween spirit. Eibon’s strength is not only in blood, guts, and eroticism. They are masters at telling a nerve-wrenching story, one that will compel you to keep turning the pages… even if your better senses warn you not to.

Image courtesy of Eibon Press

Of course, this is only one of the many titles the studio has to offer fans. If you’re a horror comic fan, a lover of exploitation films, or a Fulci fanatic you’ll want to check them out!

As a long-time horror comic collector, I’m telling you guys, Eibon is legit. So check them out and tell ’em Manic sent ya.

Manic out!