'House by the Cemetery' by Eibon Press, comic review

‘House by the Cemetery’ by Eibon Press, comic review

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Eibon brought on a horror icon to bring the gore to life.

Given the amount of violence expected from this kind of project, you’d hope to have one hell of an artist up to the task. Eibon is known for their stunning artwork, and in this case, they brought on genre legend Vince Locke to sodden the pages with his master-class detail for the macabre.

Vince Locke is the celebrated artist behind Deadworld, A History of Violence, and the grotesque album covers for Cannibal Corpse. He alone would be reason enough to rush out and buy a copy of this comic!

Locke’s artwork is uncanny as is his eye for detail. He just has a way with anatomy, very eerie and uncomfortable stuff, which we love!

Eibon Press, ‘House by the Cemetery’ artwork by Vince Locke

The characters from the film come to life here as each panel brings our cast of unfortunate souls closer to the grotesque fate awaiting them in the accursed house. Locke’s work shines in each image.

House by the Cemetery is on sale now on Eibon Press’s website (click here) and is an absolute must for all horror fans. People who don’t even like comic books have become Eibon Press fans because of the quality and passion they pour into each new publication.

After reading this newest title I’m anxious to get the following chapters and complete House by the Cemetery. So stay tuned for more updates.

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