'House by the Cemetery' by Eibon Press, comic review

‘House by the Cemetery’ by Eibon Press, comic review

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Eibon Press began an insidious journey through some of Lucio Fulci’s darkest material and, in so doing, pried open the greatest taboo known to mankind – the Gates of Hell. They opened the forbidden door and have left us now standing before the scintillating mists of what dark blasphemies await beyond. House by the Cemetery is the latest chapter in this dark saga of the seven infernal gates.

Based on the cult-classic by the same name, House by the Cemetery continues Fulci’s gruesome zombie trilogy, a trilogy comprised of City of the Living Dead (aka The Gates of Hell), The Beyond, and House by the Cemetery. Each of these films demonstrates Lucio Fulci’s sinister flare for gore and gut-wrenching terror.

Eibon Press approaches these cult-classics with integrity and a genuine love for Fulci’s original material. That passion flows through each page just like the spilled fleshy piles and steaming blood splattered across each gruesome page.

Speaking as both a Fulci fan and lover of horror comics, my expectations have been exceeded and it seems as if Eibon is the standard bearer of the ghastly wonders first introduced by EC comics many decades ago.

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