Eerie ‘A Quiet Place’ Trailer Has Us Wanting More: Here’s Your First Look

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Three years ago iHorror introduced you to Scott Beck and Bryan Woods when they released their incredibly stylistic visually stunning film Nightlight. They have since gone on to impress Hollywood which snapped up their screenplay A Quiet Place and made it into a terrifying film from Paramount Pictures.

Directed, and co-written by John Krasinski, who also stars alongside Emily Blunt, A Quiet Place follows a family who must live every day in silence as to not disturb an evil laying in wait to attack them if it hears a sound.

Much like most of Beck and Woods’ works, A Quiet Place looks like an original story with plenty of gorgeously photographed and creepy visuals. This film also gets a producing credit from Michael Bay.

We recommend watching their 2015 Nightlight to get a sense of their unique style as we patiently wait for A Quiet Place to be released in the U.S. on April 6.

But for now here’s your first look at the trailer for A Quiet Place:

And for those of you interested here is the trailer for Nightlight (2015):