Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar Allan Poe Themed Restaurant Is a Must For Horror Fans

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Nevermore! See, The Raven wouldn’t have been so insistent on the whole finality of the  nevermore thing, if he had had some beers at this Edgar Allan Poe Maryland eatery.

The Annabel Lee Tavern is located in Maryland at the corner of South Clinton and Fleet street. The themed tavern has been opened since 2007.

The atmospheric eatery is filled with all things Poe related. From quotes written on the walls to the wall to wall decorations, everything screams Edgar Allan Poe.

The tavern also focuses on drinks and dishes named after pieces made out of the famous Poet’s body of work.

The Annabel Lee Tavern also celebrates Poe’s birthday on Jan. 19 with a poetry reading event complete with themed drinks and food.

Now, Sadly I don’t live anywhere near this tavern. It’s definitely on my list of to-do’s when this whole quarantine thing is over. The photos and menu for this place look phenomenal. Plus, I seriously need one of those Edgar Allan Poe pint glasses.

For more information, head over to their website. Also, check out their Facebook page for more photos.

Have any of you been to this spot? If you have share your pictures and experience in the comments section.

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