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Australia-based SPFX artists Kayla Arena and Toby Barron of Butterfly FX Studios have put their skills to work, building a bevvy of terrifically terrifying goodies for you to purchase. Inspired by notorious murderer, body snatcher and human taxidermist Ed Gein (who – in turn- inspired on-screen killers like Leatherface, Norman Bates, and Buffalo Bill), these artists are ready to cover your body and home with their freaky flesh-like creations.

ed gein

Using Latex and Silicone, Kayla Arena her partner Toby Barron put their SPFX film experience together to create these wonderfully horrific creations that look like they where created by the killer Ed Gein! This is just one section of our wide range of coming artworks!

Starting at $74 USD for a coin purse, this collection ain’t for the faint of heart. But looking at the incredible detail and amazing craftsmanship that goes into each piece, the price tag doesn’t seem unreasonable.

You also have the benefit of knowing that no one was killed in the making of your very own face-skin jacket. Creepy as hell and cruelty free! (But good luck explaining that to strangers).

Check out some highlights below. To view the whole collection, check out their website.

A Human face Carousel Lamp OOAK
Human Face Carousel Lamp
An Ed Gein inspired tote bag
Tote Bag
Ed Gein Inspired Ankle Boots
Ankle Boots
Ed Gein Inspired Chair
Arm Chair
Ed Gein Inspired Cigarette case 20s
Cigarette Case
Ed Gein Inspired Guitar Strap
Guitar Strap
Ed Gein Jacket Skin Coat
Skin Coat
ED Gein Inspired Hat - Similar style to Ed
Ed Gein Inspired Iphone 6 Case
iPhone 6 Case
Amazing Ed Gein Skin Skirt corset
Skin Skirt Corset
An Ed Gein backpack


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