The Cabin

It’s too early to tell what exactly The Cabin is trying to be because there is so much going on in the trailer that it looks like a home invasion thriller, or a slasher or both.

According to IMDb this indie, directed by Johan Bodell, follows a couple trying to rekindle their failing relationship by taking a peaceful trip in the woods, but a scarier fate steps in.

“When a couple visits a remote cabin and cross paths with a compulsive liar, their vacation takes a dramatic turn for the worse.”

The official website adds:

‘The Cabin takes you to the rural backwater of the Swedish summer, and on a ride you will never forget.”

The film stars Christopher Lee Page, Caitlin Crommett and Erik Kammerland. 

Before you dismiss this as another remote monster movie with the word “cabin” in its title, consider that some early reviews are praising Bodell for his skill in bringing something fresh to a threadbare premise.

“There isn’t a ton of new ground that gets broken, but it’s certainly done well and filled with plenty of decent gore. I’m looking forward to the next project from Bodell, as he seems to be a talent on the rise,” writes BandS About Movies.

And Indie Horror Online says, “I’ve heard say that there are no new stories, just new ways of telling them. That’s definitely the case here. Bodell throws in some interesting twists to keep things entertaining.”

The Cabin will be available to rent on VOD and out on DVD December 4.

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