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Watch All of the E3 2017 Horror Game Trailers Here

by D.D. Crowley

Whether you believe that the E3 2017 game conference delivered the goods this year or was lackluster, the fact remains that they put out a lot of trailers. If you missed the live videos or press conferences, you may be scrambling to find the game trailers they showed. Well, we did the work for you and brought together all of the E3 2017 horror game trailers in one place from across the board.

While there was no mention of Dead Island 2, Last of Us 2, or Death Stranding at E3 this year, there was plenty of horror to go around.

Days Gone- TBA

Every time I see this Playstation-exclusive game and game-play I get more and more excited. With the video shown at the Sony event, the game mechanics are very reminiscent of The Last of Us with quiet quick time event kills and stealthy play. This is an open world action adventure/survival horror. While the story-line isn’t as linear as games like The Last of Us, the action is intense with the quantity of World War Z style zombies that chase and clamor toward you in a seemingly never ending hoard.The motion capture is amazing and I have a lot of high expectations for this one.

The Evil Within 2- Friday, October 13th 2017

The first game was confusing but terrifying. After the batshit acid trip that was the E3 2017 trailer, I think we can expect more of the same. The first game dealt with some bug issues, so let’s cross our fingers that Bethesda works out the kinks before kicking this crazy mess out the door.

Fallout 4 VR- October 2017


While not considered true horror, we here at iHorror love Fallout and we wouldn’t leave this radiation riddled franchise out. I am super excited for this. While I am hoping the jerky 45 degree only turns, such as the ones that plague RE7, have toned down a bit, I look forward to breaking nearly everything in my living room fighting feral ghouls and super mutants.

The Inpatient- TBA

This little VR experience was sneaked in during the Sony conference. While still in development, the trailers give very few details. As the player, you are trapped in a sanitarium…and that is exactly all we know about it. The graphics aren’t bad and VR will make it much more intense. I look forward to seeing more out of this one.

Tranference– Spring 2018

This one popped up during the Ubisoft press conference. With a live action trailer starring Elijah Wood, this one is strange to say the least. It’s Ubisoft’s collab with Wood’s development company, Spectrevision. The psychological thriller will be a VR experience and seems to be very theatrical.

State of Decay 2- Spring 2018

I have some strong opinions about this XBox One exclusive. With the growing number of VR games, realistic graphics and mind-blowing environments, there’s no excuse for this trailer. Trailers are normally better and more theatrical than the game-play and if this is their “better” version, well there’s not a whole lot to look forward to. The movement is choppy, the NPCs look less human like and more like malfunctioning robots and the environments are…alright. This game is definitely the runt of the litter in terms of horror games to pop up at E3.

Doom VFR- 2017

During Bethesda’s very creative conference, they let us know we’re getting an immersive Doom game as well. I personally haven’t played Doom since I had to type in MS DOS to get it to work, but fans of the game seem to be very excited.

Vampyr– November 2017

With Life is Strange (which is free right now on PSN for PS Plus members) being a hit enough for a three episode DLC to be coming out, the developers decided to add horror to the mix. The “choose your own adventure” style of gaming has taken off and the game Vampyr will be added to the likes of Until Dawn and Tell Tale’s The Walking Dead while adding the game-play of an action RPG. Players will make difficult choices for its protagonist, a fledgling vampire.

Metro: Exodus– 2018

Deep Silver, the company that is (eventually) bringing us Dead Island 2, dropped Metro: Exodus (the third installment in the series based off the books by Dmitry Glukhovsky) in our laps and man, it looks pretty. That’s one fine ass game. With mechanics that feel a little like Fallout 4 and Lethe had a lovechild, nasty mutants on your tail, an open world map (the first in the series) and a non-linear story line, this looks to be a nail-biting good time.

That’s all for E3 2017 horror game trailers for this year. The conference focused more on games like Skyrim VR, the new Spiderman, and another Uncharted installment. Keep up with iHorror for more on E3 2017 and we will keep you updated on any new information that develops regarding the trailers above and The Last of Us 2, Death Stranding, and Dead Island 2.

If you haven’t seen the Dead Island 2 trailer, you can see it here!

(Featured image courtesy of teambeyond.net)

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