E.L. Katz, whose directorial debut Cheap Thrills (pictured) left a great impression on genre fans, and earned him a spot in The ABCs of Death 2, has a new film for Lionsgate on his plate.

It’s called You’ll Be the Death of Me, and will be another horror comedy. I say “another” because I’d imagine Cheap Thrills falls into that category in some regards. It’s actually kind of a hard one to label, but I digress.

Hopefully Katz will bring some of that wonderful genre-bending to his follow-up. The Hollywood Reporter reports:

The comedy thriller follows two single New Yorkers as their budding romance is complicated by a masked knife-wielding psychopath. Todd Lieberman at Mandeville is producing from a script by Mark Hammer, with Lionsgate distributing.

Cheap Thrills was an absolute blast, and while I didn’t necessarily consider his ABCs segment among the film’s highlights (review here), some people seem to. Either way, I’m definitely keeping this guy on my radar and looking forward to more features from him.