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E.G. Daily to Play Sex-Head in Rob Zombie’s ’31’

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Today brought the second piece of casting news for Rob Zombie’s 31. Earlier this week, we learned that Zombie was bringing on Torsten Voges (of The Lords of Salem fame) to play the character of Death-Head. Now, we learn that E.G. Daily, with whom Zombie worked on The Devil’s Rejects, has joined as Sex-Head.

A message on the 31 FanBacked page says:

Another bit of casting news! E.G. Dailey (sic) has joined the cast of 31 as SEX-HEAD the insane partner of Death-Head. These two maniacs are ready to get down and rip your face off.

E.G. has appeared in everything from Pee Wee’s Big Adventure to Valley Girl to Happy Feet but you might also remember her as Otis Driftwood’s “special” lady in THE DEVIL’S REJECTS!

Daily confirmed on Twitter.

Death-Head and Sex-Head are described as two of the most vicious and bloodthirsty residents of Murder World, which is the setting of the film, where a group of maniacs dressed as cl0wns force their victims to play the game of 31.

Here’s the original concept art for the two characters:

sex-death-head (1)


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