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Have the drive-through pranks gone too far?

With much thanks to Wayne’s World in the 90’s the drive-though has been an easy target for the pranksters of the fast food chains across the world for many years. Just type in ‘drive-though prank’ to your chosen viral outlet and you could sit for a decade continuously watching back to back clips of these cheap shots, be it to a speaker box or a worker in a window.

However, one manager vigilante has had enough! See below.

Is this a manager losing his cool by the countless pranks he receives? No of course not, it is in fact the work of short youtube movie makers Racka Racka started by a young man named Danny Philippou. Who, I quote from their Wiki make “Wacky, Violent and exciting entertainment”.

This was the start of their Ronald MacDonald shenanigans and there have been several more added to their channel since 2013, they have even been banned numerous time from the burger flippers and marched off site by the Police.

Well Danny with the forthcoming movie Clown by Eli Roth and 31 by Rob Zombie hopefully later this year, you have certainly picked a hot subject.

Let me know what you guys think, should Racka Racka continue with their work?