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Dracula’s Castle Appears in Netflix’s ‘Castlevania’ Poster

by admin

The news that there is going to be an animated Castlevania series appeared seemingly out of nowhere, much like Dracula’s Castle from the game is known to do. A few days ago, producer Adi Shankar uploaded a look at the poster for the upcoming Netflix series to his Facebook page and in a few words all I can say is, “nailed it.”

The entire image in black and blood red, a twisting, maze like castle with familiar stairs, full moon in the sky. It definitely screams Castlevania. The show premieres sometime this year and I cannot wait.

Based on the popular video game series, the show will center on Simon Belmont, a great descendant of legendary vampire hunters. Simon must enter Dracula’s horrific castle known as Castlevania and defeat his ancient adversary once and for all.

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