Written by Patti Pauley

It seemed as if essentially overnight, Stranger Things hit Netflix and took the regular binge-watcher by the balls and threw them into a world full of beautiful nostalgia. From classic tunes, and homages to great 80s horror films rolled up into one kick-ass story-line, Stranger Things was the show we never knew we needed, until it was staring us in the face with a nose bleed. And every aspect of that show is goddamn glorious.

stranger things gif


From the weird obsession with Barb, to everyone going nuts making memes with the Stranger Things font, this little Netflix series that had a hell of a time initially getting broadcast anywhere, has literally taken the world over this past Summer. In addition to all the hype, an 80s stylized video game has been discussed among fans of the series with the good people of the Internets showcasing their 8-bit artwork in hopes that one day it may happen. The Duffer Brothers themselves have expressed an interest in creating an 8-bit game, and I for one think they should get crackin’ on said interest; Erm, after wrapping up Season 2 of course!

While the Duffer Brothers decide whether or not to pursue an actual video game attempt, the fine people over at Infamous Quests have given us something to tide us over in the mighty form of pixel glory! This completely free and downloadable little adventure game based off the Stranger Things series is utterly amusing to say the very least. While the game itself is more like a demo as it’s rather a test run for something possibly larger in the future according to an interview with the developer, Steven Alexander who spoke with Scifiaddicts, it’s the best we got for now. I mean it’s free, so why complain eh? Basic game play consists of you helping Sheriff Hopper and his deputies locate clues to Will’s disappearance in the woods. The game includes text of Hopper’s dry humor and you can make him smoke, which is pretty humorous. Once you find the clue you need, the game is basically over, but it sure is a fun way to waste about fifteen minutes of your life! You can download the game by clicking here and let us know on what you would think of a full-length version of this game!