Written by Patti Pauley

For the first time 12 years, Doug Bradley who made Clive Barker’s spawn from Hell Pinhead an iconic staple of the genre, will once again wear the now legendary Pinhead one more time! And we have pictures! Holy Cenobites Kirsty, this is about as glorious as this gets today! In honor of Bradley transporting us all back to Hell one more time, let’s take a look at when and where you can see this one in a lifetime event and some behind the scenes pictures to tease the crap out of you…



If you’ve been following the Hellraiser franchise as of late, you and I both know it may very unlikely that Bradley will ever play Pinhead once again in a Hellraiser film; However, horror makeup magician Tom Savini, Kyle Roberts and Steve Tolin of Tolin FX, Allison and Sean Boyle, and Bradley himself have teamed up for a special treat for fans attending the Mad Monster Party in Arizona next weekend in what they’re calling ever so appropriately, The Pinhead Experience- you can purchase tickets to this national treasure of an event by clicking here.

In anticipation for next weekend’s fantastic voyage through Hell at Mad Monster Party Arizona, Doug Bradley released some sneak peeks via his Instagram of him in (almost) full Pinhead makeup! Check it out!



Just going to go ahead and point out how extremely jealous I am of anyone able to attend this prestigious event, so I’m just going to leave this right here for anyone that will be witnessing this spectacle in all its hellish glory.