Bethesda gave a short peek at the next entry in the hell-drenched world of Doom, with Doom: Eternal at this year’s E3, and it looks to be one-upping the previous Doom in every way by unleashing hell on Earth… literally.

The previous game ended with the Doom Slayer defeating the evil Dr. Olivia Pierce, only to discover UAC Chairman Samuel Hayden was actually responsible for the cataclysmic  events on Mars. Following the betrayal, the Doom Slayer continues his hunt for Samuel Hayden and that is where the game leaves you.

The glimpse of Doom: Eternal is short and sweet, giving us a look at dilapidated skyscrapers entangled in Cthulhu like tentacles reaching down from the sky. The regular cast of cyberdemons show up, all leading to the reveal of Doom Guy and his double barrel shotgun ready to do work.

There is nothing not to love here for Doom, fans outside of the fact that we haven’t seen any game play as of yet. At the Bethesda press conference, it was announced that there would be twice as many demons and new weapons.

We won’t know more until Bethesda unveils actual game play at this year’s QuakeCon in Dallas, TX. But we can already assume that this entry will double-down on the visceral, blood and guts soaked action of the previous game and we are one-hundred percent here for that.

Let us know what you think Doom Fans!

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