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‘Don’t Move’ Could Be The Scariest Novel About Spiders Ever Written

by Timothy Rawles
James S. Murray: "Don't Move"

The new novel “Don’t Move” launches today and if you’re arachnophobic this might not be the best choice for bedtime reading. But read it anyway—in the daylight—because the talent behind this thriller is as big as the creatures in the book.

First, you have bestselling author Darren Wearmouth, a former corporate techie who left the business world to pursue his dream of writing. “Don’t Move” is his latest collaboration with someone who people might say is an unexpected partner; comedian James S. Murray aka “Murr.”

Darren Wearmouth

Darren Wearmouth

Murr is best known for his work on the prankster reality show Impractical Jokers. But his novels tone down the comedy and like “Don’t Move” stand alone as some of the scariest stuff this side of Stephen King.

“Don’t Move” is no joke. Our own book reviewer Waylon Jordan gave it a read and says it’s pretty damn intense with an ending that made him “nervous.” Stay tuned for his upcoming review.

James S. Murray "Murr"

James S. Murray “Murr”

Until then, here is the plot of the 229 page-turner in a nutshell:

Here’s the synopsis:

“Megan Forrester has barely survived the unthinkable. Six months ago, she witnessed a horrific accident that killed her husband and son, and lives with the guilt of knowing she could have done more to save them. Now, Megan hopes to mend the pieces of her broken spirit by attending a local church group’s annual camping trip.

But the church group members—riddled with dark secrets of their own—make a catastrophic navigational mistake, leaving them stranded in an untouched canyon in the West Virginian national forest. Isolated from any chance of help or rescue, Megan and the others quickly realize why this side of the canyon has never been surveyed by humankind: it’s home to a terrifying prehistoric arachnid that patiently stalks its prey through even the slightest movement or vibration in the forest. And it’s desperate for a meal.

Grief-stricken and haunted by her tragic loss, Megan now faces her ultimate test of endurance. Can she outwit a bloodthirsty creature hellbent on ensuring that no one gets out alive? When a single wrong turn can mean death, she only has one option: “Don’t Move.”

About the authors:

Darren Wearmouth’s first novel was the best-selling First Activation that he later sold to Amazon’s publishing imprint, 47 North in a two-book deal. The Invasion Trilogy and Sixth Cycle have subsequently also been Amazon bestsellers. His Latest three releases are the international bestselling Awakened trilogy novels, published by Harper Voyager in collaboration with James Murray of Impractical Jokers.

James S. Murray is a writer, executive producer, and actor, best known as “Murr” on the hit television show Impractical Jokers along with his comedy troupe, the Tenderloins. He has worked as the Senior Vice President of Development for NorthSouth Productions for over a decade and is the owner of Impractical Productions, LLC. He recently starred in Impractical Jokers: The Movie, and also appears alongside the rest of the Tenderloins, and Jameela Jamil, in the television series The Misery Index on TBS. James is the author of the international bestselling Awakened trilogy.

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