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‘Don’t Look Back’ is Headed to Theaters and VOD in October!

by Waylon Jordan

Don’t Look Back, a brand new horror film from writer/director Jeffrey Reddick, is headed to theaters and VOD on October 16, 2020 after being picked up by Kamikaze Dogfight and Gravitas Ventures. The film marks the feature directorial debut of Reddick who, among his other projects, wrote the original Final Destination.

Caitlin Kramer (Kourtney Bell) is just one of a group of people who witness a terrifying and deadly assault in the city. When her fellow witnesses begin to die mysterious deaths, Caitlin must discover if a killer is on the loose or if there is something much more powerful and terrifying involved.

Bell, who previously appeared in It Follows, is joined by Bryan Batt, Will Stout, Skyler Hart, Jeremy Holm, Jaqueline Fleming, Amanda Grace Benitez, Damon Lipari, Han Soto, Dean J. West and Stephen Twardokus.

Deadline quoted Gravitas Ventures’ VP of Acquisitions Tony Piantedosi saying, “As he did with Final Destination, Jeffrey has created a terrifying framework for his characters to meet a gruesome end, and in doing so issues a timely warning against standing idly by while others suffer.”

Reddick is well known for his ability to craft a story that is both intriguing and thought-provoking while scaring his audiences out of their seats, and it will be interesting to see what he’s done in the director’s chair to bring this story to life.

“I wanted to create a mystery/horror film that addresses how we live in a society where people often watch, or film, someone being hurt instead of helping them,” Reddick told iHorror about the upcoming film. “I think people can relate to this and I hope the movie leaves people thinking and questioning what they would do if they were confronted with this scenario.”

Look for Don’t Look Back in theaters and VOD on October 16, 2020.

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