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‘Don’t Help’ from Terror Tales on YouTube Today

by Waylon Jordan
Terror Tales Don't Help

Terror Tales, the YouTube channel recounting the stories of real people who’ve found themselves in real-life horror situations, drops it’s latest episode today titled Don’t Help.

As a teenage girl is walking home from school, talking to her friend on the phone, she spots a man sitting alone. Assuming the man is homeless, she stops and hands him a package of crackers and little cash, all the while relating to her friend on the phone what she’s doing and giving herself a pat on the back for her good deed for the day.

She is clearly out of touch and the man is  clearly baffled and on the point of anger by her “selfless gesture.”

After the girl arrives home, she begins receiving pictures via text message showing her walking the rest of the way home and more of her looking out the window. Terrified, she call the police, but did she do so in time?

This episode brings up a lot of questions about why we help people when we help them and the dangers of assuming who we’re talking to when we meet a stranger on the street.

CLICK HERE to view the latest episode of Terror Tales and while you’re there, don’t forget to subscribe to their channel and hit the notification bell to keep up with each new episode as it become available!

To submit your own real-life scary encounters for a possible adaptation, you can email the crew at [email protected] You can also follow the show on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter @TerrorTalesShow!

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