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Don’t Get Your Hopes up for ‘Get Out’ Sequel, Jason Blum Says

by Paul Aloisio
Get Out Jordan Peele

Although there was a little confusion a while back about a possible sequel to Jordon Peele’s cricially acclaimed Get Out, Jason Blum says that he doesn’t think Peele is going to make one. In fact, Blum says Peele has no intention of doing it – period.

Speaking with The Observer, producer Jason Blum said:

“That was wishful thinking … I think that was taken out of context. I think what I said and what I would still say is, I would love to make a Get Out sequel but we would only do it if Jordan wanted to do it and as far as I know, he has no intention of doing that.”

What he is referring to above is a Blum made back in 2018.

What he said was this:

“If Jordan wants to do a sequel, I’ll do it in a second, but it has to come from Jordan Peele …I think he’s flirting with the idea.”

But it would appear as if Peele is not currently thinking about a sequel to Get Out. And really, I think that’s for the best. The first one is viewed as damn near perfect, and I couldn’t think of any ideas that could possibly warrant a follow up.

Maybe that’s because I don’t write movie scripts, or maybe that’s because I’m just right about this. Crazier things have happened, as we wall know by now. Just about every successful horror movie gets a sequel eventually.

There are exceptions, however, and maybe Get Out is simply meant to be a standalone piece of phenomenal horror to be appreciated for years to come.

However, there was a point in time where Peele himself said he was considering something in the same universe as Get Out, as shown in this clip here.

So, if Peele changes his mind someday, Blum will definitely back it. And why shouldn’t he? The man has an eye for good ideas.

What about you? Would you like to see a sequel to Get Out? And if so, where do you think the story could go from the conclusion of the original? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.

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