Those hoping for a conclusion to the planned Happy Death Day trilogy are going to be disappointed, as Blumhouse CEO Jason Blum revealed on twitter this week that a third film is not very likely. Not impossible, but unlikely to happen – which basically means it’s dead in the water.

This comes after Happy Death Day 2U underperformed at the box office, pulling in $50 million dollars worldwide. In contrast, the first film in the series garnered a total of $125 million, making not a small difference of $75 million less.

Director Christopher Landan stated before the release of the film that he has a wild idea for a third film, but the production of it is dependent on the success of Happy Death Day 2U. Speaking with EW he said:

“Oh, I have more than an idea … I always imagined this as a trilogy, so I have the third movie, but it’s just a question of whether this one does well. I would love to make the third one. I think it’s a really bonkers, fun idea.”

Unfortunately, Blum acknowledged the decline in interest for the sequel and stated that another film is unlikely.

While I’m personally not exactly chomping at the bit for yet another Happy Death Day, I think it’s a bummer. They were pretty good for what they are; fun, campy, and straight to the point.

But I am bummed about the next franchise he touched upon.

Sinister, another Blumhouse property, has also suffered the same fate. Blum was grim about the future of Bughuul on the big screen but said he may return in television format. From the same Twitter Q and A:

Now that’s a letdown. Sinister had some great scares.

While there doesn’t seem to be any shortage of quality horror movies these days, I did like the potential that these two series had and I’ll be sad to know that they’re both likely over.

Yet at the same time, are any horror franchises really ever over? You never know what’s going to make a comeback. It’s 2019 – anything is possible.