Written by Patti Pauley

Is that a Good Guy I see poking his creepy head out from behind that movie poster? Oh Mancini, you tease. Writer, director and father of Chucky himself Don Mancini and the cast has been keeping us and Child’s Play fans up to date with all the latest goings on of the seventh movie in the series Cult of Chucky via social media. The latest pivotal image prior to today being Jennifer Tilly’s return to the series and her teaser shot of Tiff packing a suitcase for a trip to the set in Winnipeg. While it’s still unclear if whether if Tiffany is remaining in her human body or the plastic bride will play a physical role in the film, one thing is for certain; and that is Chucky is looking like his old self once again. At least it does in this picture anyway.



The teaser image seems to implicate that Chucky may have abandoned his scars and stitches, perhaps this being a brand new doll body? One can only speculate for now until we see an official trailer come our way, and my guess is it’s coming very soon folks as the movie is set to drop in October of this year.


Filming just recently wrapped inside the “looney bin” set that serves as the background for Cult of Chucky. In case you may have missed it, here’s the official synopsis:

Nica Pierce has spent four years in a mental institution after members of her family were murdered, a crime she did not commit. Her psychiatrist gives her a Good Guy doll as a therapeutic tool. Soon afterwards, a new string of murders take place around the asylum, making Nica suspect that Chucky, the possessed doll behind the crimes she was accused of and who she has concluded is a figment of her imagination, is behind her predicament.


Trailer and more updates coming to iHorror as it comes in! Stay tuned!