Doghouse Pictures Take A Bite Out Of The Zombie Genre With “Beautiful People”

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Here at we like to keep you in the know of all the best horror movies currently in production.  One of our newest finds is a production with a promising perspective into the zombie genre.  “Beautiful People” is a project from the newly founded “Doghouse Pictures” an Italy based company founded nearly one year ago by Marco Palese  (Eaters producer) and the youngest Italian horror director Amerigo Brini.

Take a look at the video insights into the production, and be sure to check back for more updates on when “Beautiful People” will be released!

beautiful people zombie movie indie film

In a mansion in the woods, the peaceful life of a medical scientist and his family is upset by a three masked men raid.
During an endless night of terror and violence, the unthinkable happens: the house is invaded by inhuman monsters. Fear will unveil the true nature of each character, forcing them to wonder…”Who is the real monster?”

Currently in pre-production, “Beautiful People” will be released in the early 2014.

It has been written by the twisted mind of Andrea Cavaletto, well know for “Hidden in the Woods” ( ) .


  • Carl Wharton (Zombie Massacre and Wrath of the Crows)
  • Lucy Drive ( The Borgias, Outside Bet, Hard Shoulder )
  • Daniel Cutler, Alex Southern
  • James Wiles ( The Muppets…Again!)
  • Alex Lucchesi ( Eaters, Zombie Massacre and Bloodlines).


And for all you fans out there who like to take a peek behind the scenes… check out this video from the production of “Beautiful People”