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‘Dog Soldiers 2’ Might Be On The Horizon According to Director

by Timothy Rawles
Dog Soldiers -- 2002

Director Neil Marshall is not giving up on his vision for Dog Soldiers.  He says that film was always supposed to be a trilogy and in a recent interview, he confirmed its sequel is becoming closer to reality.

Marshall is a visionary and we could tell that nearly two decades ago with the original Dog Soldiers. His in-jokes and nerdy easter eggs made that movie both fun and terrifying. He sort of ditched the asides in his next movie The Descent, going instead for claustrophobic gore and monster mayhem.

It would make sense that Dog Soldiers would get a continuation of the story in that its cult-following is fueled by devotees. And you know how fans wax nostalgiac, especially after 19 years. (Note to millennial YouTube first-watch reaction hosts: rent this film!).

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In a recent interview over at genre pub Bloody Disgusting’s podcast, Marshall partially explains why Dog Soldiers may get extra chapters and The Descent will not. Of course, the delay is all due to litigation.

“[Those books] are definitely not closed,” Marshall said about The Descent. “I could revisit [the world of The Descent] but with that one it was kind of intended to be a one-off. And then the sequel got made anyway. Dog Soldiers was always intended to be trilogy. So, the rights for that have been tied up for quite some time, but now there’s the possibility of a Dog Soldiers 2, finally.”

Marshall adds: “The initial rumblings are happening. So that’s looking semi-likely, we’ll see.”

Unfortunately, female power won’t be spelunking into any other Descent films the director reasserts, “I can’t see me revisiting that world.”

The British-born director caught some flack over his cinematic re-imagining of Hellboy back in 2019. But that may have been because he chose style over substance.

His latest film The Reckoning is available now on VOD, and it has mustered some positive drive. iHorror talked to Marshall about that movie and its timely subject matter.

“Of course, when we made the film,” Marshall told iHorror, “we had no idea a plague was coming as well. We shot this in 2019 so we had no clue, but that angle has made it seem more relevant as well.”

To read that interview in full click HERE.

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