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‘Doctor Sleep’ Doesn’t Wake Up the Box Office, Falls Short of Expectations

by Michael Carpenter

With IT Chapter Two in the rear view, the eyes of Stephen King fans turned to director Mike Flanagan’s movie adaptation of The Shining sequel book Doctor Sleep. Ewan McGregor stars as an adult Danny Torrance, still damaged by his experiences as a kid.

Making Doctor Sleep the movie a unique adaptation is that it not only told the story of King’s book, but also functioned as a sequel to Stanley Kubrick’s iconic 1980 adaptation of The Shining. That’s a bit odd considering King’s infamous dislike of Kubrick’s film.

Going into this weekend, Doctor Sleep was widely expected to cruise to an easy #1 on the domestic box office charts with an opening above $25 million. Instead, as Deadline reports, the heavily hyped film flatlined with an anemic $14.1 million domestic take.

Taking #1 domestically is director Roland Emmerich’s war epic Midway with $17.5 million, in a shocking upset. To be fair, it’s a war movie that opened during Veterans Day weekend. Still, Warner Bros. can’t be happy with Doctor Sleep’s performance.

With a budget around $50 million, this low opening doesn’t necessarily mean Doctor Sleep will lose money, especially after worldwide sales come in. That said, it definitely won’t be a huge profit generator, and may cool Warner Bros. on Stephen King movies.

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