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Do You Trust Your Friends? Play This Free Horror Game to Find Out

by Mike Joyce
Free horror game

Are you a fan of John Carpenter’s “The Thing?” Do you love paranoia and mystery in your horror experiences? Do you have 5 friends who love gaming? Then you really need to play “Deceit,” the free horror game for PC!

“Deceit” is a multiplayer PC game that puts 6 players together in different creepy locations such as an asylum, an old castle and a dark forest. Two of the six players are affected by a virus that can turn them into monsters, known as Terrors. However, only the infected players know this, and the infected ones can look like normal players until nighttime, when they have to feed.

If you’re an innocent human, the object of the game is to survive and escape. You can search for weapons and hunt down your infected counterparts if you figure out who is who. If you’re infected, your goal is to feed on your friends.

To add to the paranoia, there are medical blood bags scattered throughout each level. Infected players need to consume these in order to transform into monsters. However, when a player uses a blood bag, it makes a noise that other players can hear, alerting them that someone is about to transform.

When a blood bag is consumed it remains empty, so players can use empty blood bags as clues to determine who is a monster and who isn’t. Naturally, this can cause people to take sides against one another out of fear or confusion, and friends can become enemies very quickly.

“Deceit” is developed and published by Automaton Studios. It’s available for PC and it’s free to play on Steam.

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