Do You Have What It Takes to Hunt a Killer?

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Do you listen to My Favorite Murder, or other true crime podcasts? Have you ever watched a crime thriller about a dogged detective tracking down a ruthless killer, and thought “I could do better?” Well, thanks to Hunt a Killer, now’s your chance!

Hunt a Killer is an immersive experience that puts you in the detective’s shoes. Each month, you receive a package, delivered to your door. It could include cryptic messages, strange objects, photographs, taunts from the killer, or any other clues. Using your wits, you try to crack the case and catch the killer, before he strikes again.

Hunt a Killer

The experience started in 2016 as a live team competition hosted at a camp in Maryland. From there, it’s expanded to a membership program that lets players compete from their own homes, while working together as a community. Month-to-month and long-term subscriptions are available. According to the website, “Today, this Membership includes a completely new way of storytelling – where we go from here will blow your mind.”

The Hunt a Killer team keeps a limit on the number of memberships to ensure a quality experience for all. The site states “Only 500 new members approved per week,” and the current deadline for new member applications is this Sunday, April 30.

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