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Distasteful Days of the Dead Pic Depicting Robin Williams Gets Backlash

by Timothy Rawles

A Days of the Dead Indianapolis staff member is facing some social media recoil after he posted an offensive picture of another staff member holding a teddy bear with a likeness to comedian Robin Williams.

The bear in question is wearing a black t-shirt with a drawing of a gallows and a hanged man with the idiom “hang in there.” What makes this display more disturbing is that Williams died by suicide in 2014.

Dragon Blogger’s Brian Daniels broke the story and Horror Movie Zone posted a screengrab of the since-removed picture. Out of respect for Williams’ family, we won’t be showing the photo here.

According to Daniels, staff member Chris Blair posted the pic in the Indianapolis Days of the Dead Facebook group with the overcaption, “A good sense of humor is healthy.” That event took place this past weekend.

Blair has apologized for putting the photo in the group, but so far that’s the extent of his accountability. Neither he nor Days of the Dead have addressed the nature of the photo. Moreover, both parties have not made a statement clarifying that the bear is in fact not sold with the t-shirt.

Patrick Hart, the bear’s creator told Blair he is aware of the tee but has nothing to do with it, “the bear is meant to be whimsical, not dark. I’m a huge fan of Robin (Williams),” Hart said.

Days of the Dead is an annual horror convention that began in Indianapolis is 2011. It has since expanded to five cities.

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