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Disney-Owned Marvel Comics Snags Rights to ‘Alien’ & ‘Predator’

by Timothy Rawles
David Finch via IGN

The most famous of all alien cinematic slashers have infiltrated another world. Both Alien and The Predator are now a part of the Marvel universe according to IGN.

Of course both sci-fi monsters are no strangers to the illustrated medium—having been with DC/Dark Horse for years—but now they are in the company of such superheroes as Iron Man, Spider-Man, and the Avengers to name a few.

This doesn’t mean there will be a collab, but as horror pub Bloody Disgusting notes, “it’s probably safe to expect cross-overs” with Marvel properties.

For those wondering how the monsters could look under the Marvel banner, IGN released two images (see below) this morning drawn by Batman artist David Finch. Note that The Predator is seemingly standing atop the Avengers logo with the severed head of Iron Man.

Although the images are just creative designs and not indicative of upcoming storylines, the crossover possibilities are incredible.

“There’s nothing more thrilling than a story that will keep you at the edge of your seat, and Alien and Predator have delivered that time and time again!” said Marvel Editor-in-Chief C.B. Cebulski to IGN. “I can clearly remember where I was when I saw each of these modern masterpieces for the first time, and reveling in how both masterfully weave extraterrestrial dread and drama into some of the most iconic scenes we’ve ever seen on film. And it’s that legacy that we’re going to live up to!”

Disney bought the Marvel brand back in 2009 and then Fox in 2019. The latter sale included a huge catalog of classic movies including Alien and Predator.

Recently there have been talks about a fourth sequel to Alien with Sigourney Weaver returning in her breakout role as Lt. Ellen Ripley.

David Finch via IGN

Marvel: David Finch via IGN

Marvel: David Finch via IGN

Marvel: David Finch via IGN

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