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Director of ‘IT’ Involved With Dracula Origin Story

by Timothy Rawles

Deadline is reporting that Paramount Pictures has acquired the rights to Dracul, a prequel to Bram Stoker’s Dracula. This is the first time the Stoker estate has authorized such a project.

The big news is that IT director Andy Muschietti and producers Barbara Muschietti and Roy Lee are also attached to the deal, although we aren’t sure which role Andy Muschietti will take.

The story was written by Dacre Stoker and J.D. Barker and will take place in 1869 where a young Bram confronts the undying bloodsucker who he then traps in an ancient tower while documenting the tale that would become legendary.

This origin story was recently sold to Putnam’s Mark Tavani in an auction and the UK rights for Dracul were bought by Simon Taylor of Tranworld and to Michel Lafon France in a pre-empt.

Paramount’s Vanessa Joyce will oversee the project development with Miri Yoon of Veritigo Entertainment.

With Universal trying to resurrect their Dark Universe, there may be some competition at the Cineplex, although there is no word yet on which direction Universal will go after the tepid returns tallied by this summer’s The Mummy.

And as is usually the case there is normally an after-credit teaser on where the franchise intends to go, but The Mummy was black after the last credit rolled.

Another timing factor for Muschietti may have to do with his work around IT 2, something the director said would be his first priority, and afterward he is scheduled to helm Robotech, he said in an interview

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