Director Neill Blomkamp Leaves ‘RoboCop Returns’

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While not exactly horror, we’re still big fans of RoboCop around these parts, thanks to its combination of sharp-edged satire, thrilling action, and extreme violence. Personally, I’ve always been pretty fond of first sequel RoboCop 2 as well.

Of course, the less said about RoboCop 3 or the utterly forgettable 2014 RoboCop remake the better. That’s why most fans welcomed last year’s reveal that a direct sequel to the original, titled RoboCop Returns, was in active development.

The sequel was to be directed by District 9’s Neill Blomkamp, who seemed overjoyed to get the gig. Unfortunately, he recently revealed on Twitter that he’s no longer part of the project, and that’s he working on a new horror/thriller film instead.

It sounds like Blomkamp’s departure from RoboCop Returns is purely a scheduling conflict, but it’s kind of insane to think MGM couldn’t just wait a bit, since now they’ll have to delay to find a new director anyway. The whole situation is rather frustrating.

This is of course the second anticipated retro sequel set to be directed by Blomkamp that’s fallen through, after his planned follow-up to Aliens. At this point, maybe fans should stop getting their hopes up when he gets attached to something big.

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