Adam Green's "Hatchet" series streaming live with director commentary.

Dir. Adam Green Wants To Watch His ‘Hatchet’ Movies With You Live

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Director Adam Green is sheltering in place but wants to give fans a virtual spot on his couch by organizing free watch parties of his best-known works.

“Join me, cast/crew members, and fans in isolation all over the earth for a FREE live screening of the un-censored director’s cut of the film that introduced Victor Crowley to the world and spawned a modern-day slasher franchise,” Green wrote on his Facebook page.

Director Adam Green and fur baby Arwen.

Director Adam Green and fur baby Arwen.

Therefore, Green organized the social media viewing collective he calls the Coronapocalypse which began late last month. Holliston, his horror sitcom, has already been featured and the trapped-on-a-ski-lift classic Frozen was streamed on April 3.

Perhaps his magnum-grosspus, the Hatchet series is what people are waiting for the most.

He streamed the first chapter on March 5 with each sequel scheduled to premiere through March 8 before heading into his popular Halloween shorts series.

Adam Green's "Hatchet" series streaming live with director commentary.

Hatchet 2 will run today, Part 3 on Tuesday and final chapter Victor Crowley on April 8.

All movies are scheduled to start at noon PST.

His production label ArieScope has a full catalog of content that will get airtime ending with the 2011 horror anthology Chillerama on April 18 which he helped write.

Green says you can participate in talking to him in real-time or just enjoy the moment and view the horror classics in silence.

“Whether you participate in the live chats or just sit back and watch each day’s live show (hey, some people “just like to watch” – no judgement here), my ‘Coronapocalypse’ series is WAY more fun than what’s happening out there in the real world right now!”

For all updates to the schedule, you can check out Green’s Facebook page HERE.

The live streams can be viewed on ArieScope’s YouTube channel HERE.