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Dinosaurs Attack! Trading Cards Becoming a Feature Film?

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With the record-shattering success of Jurassic World earlier this year, I wouldn’t be surprised if dinosaurs soon become a hot commodity in Hollywood. What’s next on the prehistoric plate? The long-awaited feature film adaptation of Topps’ Dinosaurs Attack! trading card line, perhaps?

Released in 1988, the Dinosaurs Attack! cards were heavily influenced by the Mars Attacks line from decades prior. The 55-card (plus 11 sticker) set centered on monstrous dinosaurs being transported through time and wreaking havoc upon Earth, and the cards were notable for being incredibly gruesome.


It was Gary Gerani who created the Dinosaurs Attack! property, so naturally he’s the one to ask if a movie adaptation is something we can expect to see in the future. And a fan asked him that very question on Facebook over the weekend, Gerani replying to the inquiry with an exciting bit of news.

The scenario was designed for a movie, with strong main characters, juicy set pieces, a mystery structure, and an apocalyptic finale,” Gerani said. “The card images are like storyboards. Elias Thorne is a great role for an actor, and the dinosaurs can be outrageous and literally larger-than-life, given the anomalies of time-warping.”


I recently reminded Topps that, with the astonishing success of JURASSIC WORLD, the time is right to set this project up,” he continued. “I submitted a proposal and treatment for the big movie version, which they are now shopping around. Are you listening, Warner Bros?

Tim Burton was at one point attached to direct a Dinosaurs Attack! movie, though the release of Jurassic Park led to him making Mars Attacks instead. Ironically, it could very well be the success of Jurassic Park‘s fourth installment that leads to the franchise finally coming to the big screen.

Here’s hoping!


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