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Were you looking forward to the new horror film Polaroid, coming August 25th from Dimension Films? Well, sorry, as the studio has bumped it all the way to December 1st.

Why, you may be asking? Because Deadline reports that Dimension has decided to give Polaroid’s former summer release date to Leap!, an animated project starring the voices of Elle Fanning and Dane DeHaan.

If this were any other studio but Dimension, Polaroid’s delay really wouldn’t be cause for much concern. It would come out on the later date, and things would be fine. Sadly though, that’s not Dimenion’s recent M.O.

As seen with the endlessly delayed Amityville: The Awakening and Demonic, Dimension isn’t shy about letting horror films sit on a shelf for months, or even multiple years. That means if December 1st rolls around without Polaroid getting released, I wouldn’t be the least surprised, and you probably shouldn’t be either.

For those who haven’t been following Polaroid up until now, the film concerns a teenage aspiring photographer (Kathryn Prescott, 24: Legacy) who acquires an old camera, and discovers that bad things happen to anyone she takes a picture of with it. Notable genre names Mitch Pileggi (The X-Files) and Grace Zabriskie (Twin Peaks) also star.

If you’re thinking that sounds a lot like the Goosebumps book Say Cheese and Die, well, you’re not wrong. Still, when it comes to horror, just about every conceivable plot has been done before, making a film’s success usually much more about execution than originality. Hopefully people will actually get to appraise Polaroid themselves on December 1st.

Polaroid (2017)