‘Digging Up the Marrow’ Sequel Apparently Not Out of the Realm of Possibility

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As reported earlier, Adam Green participated in a reddit AMA today. Unfortunately, he shot down reports that he’s pursuing the next film in the Halloween franchise, saying that the original source of this “news” was just spinning a more casual conversation into something that it wasn’t. More on that here.

Also throughout the AMA, questions were asked about a potential sequel to his latest film Digging Up the Marrow (review). While there’s certainly nothing remotely official, and it’s very possible that we’ll never see one, Green does seem quite open to the idea.

There are some SPOILERish comments following, so if you haven’t seen the film yet, you might want to consider holding off on reading further.

One reddit user asked Green, “What are the chances we’ll get a follow up to the Marrow? Maybe… SPOILERS you and Will ignore the warning and go on a mission to save Decker??”

Green responded:

I like the way you’re thinking as we’re thinking length same lines, but ultimately whether or not we return to The Marrow will depend on key factors like just how strongly the fans support this one, schedules for all those who would need to be involved, and the circumstances under which another Marrow story would be made. We had full creative freedom with this one which is a major reason why it turned out the way it did and why so many people are responding to it so positively. A studio never would have made this movie and certainly not this way. So our fingers are crossed and we’ll see what happens over the coming months, but in the meantime we’re all on to new things.

The words “especially if we make another MARROW story, sequel, etc.” also came from Green in response to a question about if he’d ever make another found footage/documentary-style movie again.

In response to another question, Green said, “We’d all be down for a sequel and already have so much worked out and in mind (we kind of had to in order to have this one so thoroughly thought out) so we’ll see what happens!”

In another response, he said, “MARROW is meant to scratch the surface of a huge world and get the audience thinking and imagining. To keep it feeling as real and grounded as possible we played things out like they would ‘really’ happen. Should we return to this story/world down the line, we would all like to see a bit more of their world down there.”

In another, he said, “Ultimately we would love to do more with it and show even more of their world in a future film or other project… but first we have to wait and see just how many people support this one. (So far, so really really really really good!)”

During the AMA, Green said that he does have 3 other new projects in the works, but couldn’t announce any of them yet. He said he may be able to give some more details within a few weeks.

Read the full thread here.


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