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‘Dexter: New Blood’ Trailer Shocks Us Again and Brings Back Dexter’s Son, Harrison

An Evolving Monster

by Trey Hilburn III

Dexter has returned to us! Showtime’s Dexter revival, Dexter: New Blood’s teasers and trailers have continually given us shocks and twists and the damn show hasn’t even started yet. The latest trailer for the series does it again by revealing  Dexter’s son and hints at what capacity we can expect to see him in.

We also get a look at Deb. Although, as you recall Deb is tragically dead. This is her way of haunting her brother. Very, very Deb of her. I love that even in death she is kicking his ass. This season is shaping up to be very nice. It brings back Season 4’s writer, arguably the best season. It is also changing up the environment from sweaty ass Florida to a icy backdrop. Oh, and of course lets not forget that Clancy Brown is in this season!

The whole damn trailer is really exciting. And, as I’ve mentioned, season 9 is written by the dude who wrote season 4. So, hopefully Dexter comes back big and bad.

While this is being called a limited series, there have been rumors that this isn’t the end for Dexter so much as a new beginning. But, I’m certain that it would be based on audience viewership more than anything. Personally, I could use a couple of season of Dex. two or three seasons max. But, lets not get overblown again. If anything at least we can finally have some solace for that horrible beard and lumberjack moment at the end of season 8. One of televisions most despised moments.

Dexter: New Blood returns Nov. 7.

What did you think about the trailer?

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