Devon Sawa Wants to Return for an ‘Idle Hands’ Sequel

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One of the most common horror sub-genres also tends to be one of the hardest to pull off successfully, that being the horror comedy mix. Many films have tried and failed to be a successful blend of the two, but one I’ve always enjoyed is Idle Hands.

Released in 1999, Idle Hands stars Devon Sawa (also of Final Destination fame) as Anton Tobias, a perpetually stoned slacker who one day finds one of his hands possessed by the Devil. The hand is evil even after being severed, ala Evil Dead II.

Despite both bad reviews from critics and an embarrassingly low box office take, Idle Hands would go on to become one of those cult movies that doesn’t find its audience until home video and cable airings. Nowadays, it sports a good-sized following.

While Idle Hands celebrated its 20th anniversary this year, it turns out that star Sawa would love to reprise the Anton role for a sequel. He’d also love to regather the rest of the cast, which included future stars Jessica Alba and Daredevil’s Elden Henson.

Unfortunately, Sawa, as he also noted during the same interview with, is well aware that being a box office flop makes a sequel a long shot. Still, with 80s and 90s nostalgia both in full swing, fans can hope that Idle Hands isn’t dead for good.

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