‘Devil’s Five’ Set To Terrorize Hell’s Kitchen

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The anthology film Devil’s Five will be screened at the Hell’s Kitchen NYC Festival on September 8.  This represents the festival debut for Devil’s Five, which is comprised of five Devil-related short films.

An ancient evil unleashes a deadly computer virus, which is hell-bent on destroying humanity.  This is the premise for the segment The Devil’s Five, which serves as the foundation story for the rest of the anthology.

The segment Abandoned tells the story of a photographer doing a photo shoot with a sexy vixen in a deserted location, which is supposedly haunted.  Stash is about an idealistic young woman who is raising money for her church and embarks on a scavenger hunt that leads to an encounter with the Devil himself.

Devil’s Five, which had its first public screening late last year, is the brainchild of East Coast-based filmmaker Terry R. Wickham.  “Since we first showed the film near the end of last year, we approached a sales representative about helping us get distribution,” says Wickham, who co-directed the anthology with George Brianka and Edwin M. Figueroa.  “They watched and loved the film.  The problem is that they want a $5K retainer fee, which we don’t have.  So we’re going to be creating a GoFundMe page to pay for a lawyer and a sales rep and cover the costs needed to get distribution.”

Meanwhile, Wickham has gone into production on his next feature film, which is titled Double Vision.  “It’s a true psychological suspense-thriller in the mold of Brian De Palma and Alfred Hitchock, with a pinch of Wes Craven,” says Wickham.  “I’ve already directed the first forty-five minutes of the film, which was shot over the last month.  I’m currently writing the second half of the film with a goal of shooting the rest of the film in October and November.”

The Hell’s Kitchen NYC Festival screening for Devil’s Five will be moderated by actor Antone Pagan, who had worked with such iconic horror filmmakers as Lucio Fulci and George A. Romero.  Tickets for the screening can be purchased here.


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