“The Devil’s Candy” Totally Rocks and Here’s the Trailer to Prove it

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I cannot stress enough how happy I am that we finally have a full trailer for The Devil’s Candy (because now I get to share it with anyone and everyone). I saw the premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2015 and I’ve been… a little bit obsessed with this movie ever since. Its kind of a heavy metal, family unity, satan fixatin’, kidnapping nightmare, haunted house horror story.

The trailer does a great (and important) job at teasing the thrills to come without giving too much away. There’s nothing I hate more than seeing the plot of a movie in 2 minutes, so I can comfortably say that this trailer delivers some scary punch moments, but really just kind of scratches the surface.

In The Devil’s Candy, an artist and his family purchase their dream home in rural Texas. Things start to unravel when the house’s horrid history is stirred up by the visitation of a previous occupant.

I won’t say much – the trailer really speaks for itself – but I will say that director Sean Byrne (The Loved Ones) completely masters the tense feeling of dread and makes you care about the fate of the characters.

The film stars Ethan Embry (Cheap Thrills, Masters of Horror) as the artist; our bearded, tattooed, metalhead number one crush protagonist, alongside Shiri Appleby (Swimfan), Kiara Glasco (Copper) and Pruitt Taylor Vince (Deadwood, Constantine). The metalhead theme continues to the soundtrack, which includes songs from Metallica, Slayer, and Sunn O)).

The Devil’s Candy will be available in select theatres, VOD, and digital platforms on March 17, 2017, thanks to IFC Midnight. You can check out the trailer and poster below, or follow the link for The Loved Ones trailer on our list of the Best 30 Foreign Horror Movies on Netflix and of All Time.


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