Devil May Cry Castlevania animated series

In an interview between Ari Shankar and IGN, Shankar disclosed that his next video game series adaptation will be Devil May Cry. In order to insure that, as Shankar words it, “the jabronis in Hollywood don’t fuck this one up too”, he’s secured the rights for Devil May Cry. At the end of his interview, Shankar confirmed that Devil May Cry will join the Castlevania animated series in becoming part of the “Bootleg Multiverse”.

Shankar’s mention of the Bootleg Multiverse is in reference to his YouTube channel’s catalogue of series and one-off shorts, however Castlevania has been listed on the channel as a “universe” series, as opposed to a “multiverse” series (for now). There have been no confirmations concerning the plot, animation team, voice actors, expected release date, and designated streaming service as of yet.

Fans are left to speculate as to what liberties will be taken in this Devil May Cry adaptation, but it’s safe to assume that Shankar and Co. will be adapting the original (canon) DMC games, and not Ninja Theory’s DmC as evidence by the photo the showrunner uploaded today.

Those familiar with the Devil May Cry fandom may recall there was already an animated series by heavy hitter studio Madhouse, but it seems Shankar wants to adapt his own original series, and on his own terms.

Devil May Cry Castlevania animated
Image via IGN (we don’t talk about this adaptation)

While there were narrative and character changes made to the Netflix Castlevania series Shankar produced, it turned out to be one of the better video game adaptations to come out in quite some time.

Devil May Cry Castlevania
Image via IMDB © 2018 Frederator Networks, Inc.

It’s possible that the “multiverse” Shankar told fans to speculate on could allude to a momentary crossover of the two series, especially if Powerhouse Animations Studios is brought on board to animate the adaptation; furthermore, this theoretical crossover could possibly establish itself by an interdimensional portal spell casted by Sypha, or Dante could simply make his way to Wallachia while hunting demons.

Castlevania devil may cry
Image via IMDB
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Truthfully, there may not even be a cross-over, and the two existing in a multiverse could mean there’s just a small reference to either series thrown into Devil May Cry‘s first season or Castlevania‘s third season. Ultimately, considering how motivated Shankar is to bring us a Devil May Cry adaptation, we’re definitely in for a killer series in the (hopefully) near future!

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